Friday, November 9, 2012

A dream, finest one I belive

Yesterday I had a dream about Uzbekistan polar year stamp, just imagine. I saw that but it was not within my reach as usual. Dreams are projection of real life, as I don’t own the stamp I saw that I can’t able to reach. Then in the morning when I woke up I saw some news about capital, culture, food crops & currency used in Uzbekistan. Sometimes we forget the dream after waking up but this helped me remember what I saw in the dream.

Uzbekistan Polar Year

Serbian Polar Year 2011

Serbian New MS on Polar year theme, which was published in the year 2011.Sometimes back I acquired it. Take a look .
Serbia Polar Year 2011

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Moldova Preserve the polar and save the glacier stamps

Here is something beautiful that I have received from Moldova. Preserve the Polar and save the glacier stamps from Moldova showing Polar bear and Penguins.

Moldova PPRG
Stamps are of Year 2009.

Condition : Block of 2 (B/2)

                                                 ~  A lonely Butterfly

Victoria Memorial Hall

A new card I wrote today to my lovely friend, she is from Finland. Here is the picture of the postcard.


 The Victoria Memorial Hall is a memorial building dedicated to Queen Victoria. It was build between 1906 -1921 and inaugurated in 1921 in Calcutta, India. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The building was designed by Sir William Emerson and the design reflects both British as well as Mughal architecture.

Victoria Memorial Hall In Calcutta

The Victoria Memorial Hall is now a museum with many memorabilia’s relating British era in India/Calcutta. The museum has several paintings, sculptures, various arts, rare books, many postage stamps of which a few is shown in the public. It has resemblance to the Belfast City Hall of the Northern Ireland.

Belfast City Hall in Northern Ireland

On the apex of the dome there is a black bronze statue of Angel of Victory. “The angel of victory” acts as weathervane and rotates in strong winds. For many years it stopped rotating. It is 16 feet high and weighs about 16 tons.

Check out flickr for some beautiful shots of Angel of victory of Victoria Memorial ,Calcutta.

                                              ~A lonely Butterfly