Monday, October 3, 2011

Moldova Preserve the polar and save the glacier stamps

Here is something beautiful that I have received from Moldova. Preserve the Polar and save the glacier stamps from Moldova showing Polar bear and Penguins.

Moldova PPRG
Stamps are of Year 2009.

Condition : Block of 2 (B/2)

                                                 ~  A lonely Butterfly

Victoria Memorial Hall

A new card I wrote today to my lovely friend, she is from Finland. Here is the picture of the postcard.


 The Victoria Memorial Hall is a memorial building dedicated to Queen Victoria. It was build between 1906 -1921 and inaugurated in 1921 in Calcutta, India. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The building was designed by Sir William Emerson and the design reflects both British as well as Mughal architecture.

Victoria Memorial Hall In Calcutta

The Victoria Memorial Hall is now a museum with many memorabilia’s relating British era in India/Calcutta. The museum has several paintings, sculptures, various arts, rare books, many postage stamps of which a few is shown in the public. It has resemblance to the Belfast City Hall of the Northern Ireland.

Belfast City Hall in Northern Ireland

On the apex of the dome there is a black bronze statue of Angel of Victory. “The angel of victory” acts as weathervane and rotates in strong winds. For many years it stopped rotating. It is 16 feet high and weighs about 16 tons.

Check out flickr for some beautiful shots of Angel of victory of Victoria Memorial ,Calcutta.

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Colour corners

I do love colour corners of stamps. Occasionally I get them over the GPO too.I will show my colour corners here. I sometimes use the term C/C or colour light for this too.

Rath jatra

~~                                  A lonely Butterfly

Monday, September 5, 2011

Presidential palace of India

Rastrapati Bhavan is the official residence of the president of India. Here in the Miniature sheet we can see three stamps depicting different views of Presidential house which is located in New Delhi, India. Several Indian architectural designs are present in it. 

Rastrapati Bhavan
There is also presence of European architectural element. It was renamed in 1950 when India became republic. Earlier it was known as “Viceroy’s House”. It houses a beautiful garden on the back.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chile Polar year : Not in the missing list anymore

Thank you Pablo for “Polar year” Miniature sheet of Chile. I love it.
Polar year MS from CHILE  
  The cover is also very nice. It is the first cover in my collection from the country Chile.

~A Lonely Butterfly.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Serbian Missing Polar year stamps and MS

International Polar and save the glaciers are keep on coming, so that I don’t need to stop running behind it. A good work out I must say.

Serbia Polar year,2007

Last day I get to know that SERBIA published a new MS of this theme. There was another stamp issue in the year 2007.Both stamps of 2007 and MS of 2011 is still missing in my collection. I hope I will get these two soon along with stamps/MS of the same theme of other countries too.

Serbia Polar year MS,2011

                                                                      ~ A lonely Butterfly

Monday, March 28, 2011

New colour corners

A lot more block of colour light to come in next few weeks .Keep hanging on for more please.

 In the picture
  • 1.       1st row 1st stamps is, “Lalit Kala Academy “
  • 2.     1st row 2nd stamps is, “Maryward-Loreto Institutions”
  • 3.     Just below the stamp no 2 is the stamps of “Census of India”
  • 4.    2nd Row 1st stamp is ,Corps of Signal”
  • 5.     2nd row 2nd stamp is , “Krishnadevaraya”

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Uzbekistan Polar year: Missing stamp

Here is another new stamp of the series Polar year of the country Uzbekistan. The stamps has 2 cute penguins.